Secure online solution for controlling, Managing and Monitoring Remote Systems

RealiteQ is a unique and secure SCADA, Remote Diagnostics and Maintenance technology based on the state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) concept.

The Internet of Water (IoW)

RealiteQ enables instant response to remotely sensed system faults, process requirement or any other necessity. With the use of RealiteQ, all operational needs can be met from a control room or by mobile users via a tablet/smart phone anyplace, any time.

RealiteQ is a comprehensive true cloud technology and service enabling real-time remote control and monitoring as well as secure OpenVPN access for sensitive advanced maintenance actions.

RealiteQ provides interoperability necessary to enable collaboration between various remote distributed systems. It allows for  complex decision making with regard to process optimization of water supply, sewage, energy, smart grid and other systems which have been growing increasingly sophisticated and require the aid of innovative communication technologies and state-of-the-art software to aggregate, filter and process high volumes of incoming data.

RealiteQ provides an end-to-end solution, without the cost of purchasing and maintaining dedicated servers (PCs, UPS, storage, back-up, technical support, etc.).

With RealiteQ, decision makers are provided access to real time status monitoring and different levels of constantly developing applications for the optimization of their facilities including network solvers, quality analysis, dilution and more. Read more...



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