RealiteQ- UI (HMI)


UI (HMI) is an HTML5 graphic user interface runs as a Java script on all modern browsers (IE, Chrome, FireFox etc.).

The UI includes a build in HTML5 editor running on the browser.
After successfully login the COMP updates the UI with the current project structure. The UI application prepares and sends to the COMP a list of variables which it seeks to keep up with their values.
The COMP updates the UI with the initial values and continues to push fresh updated data.
The UI displays data only in accordance with the user privileges.
Control commands and requests to change values are transferred to the COMP and the COMP sends them to the appropriate unit after checking the user is authorized to take action



UI (HMI) - Screens editor / management:

  • The web data structure can be customized easily by the user at any time by any modern browser, according to the specific application needs.
  • The UI offers an easy build-in tool to define and edit system data nodes structure.
  • The COMP updates the iCeX units with the changes, online.
  • he UI offers a build-in easy-to-use Screen editor. Each user can personalize his own screens to his needs. 


UI (HMI) - Typical operational screens:




UI (HMI) - Typical managerial screens:




UI (HMI) - Map location screens:




UI (HMI) - Trends generator:

RealiteQ trends generator gives an easy way to analyze field data and spot deviations.




UI (HMI) - Current & historical alarms: