Customer testimonials:



"People get really excited when they can see the graphic presentation of our wastewater system with all the parameters updating continuously" 
Joel, Deputy Mayor


"I was the first to get a web-enabled smart phone in entire district. Now I can operate most of the system's functions without even starting my laptop computer" 
John, operator of drinking water reservoirs


"When you purchase a system like this, security is very important. RealiteQ is the only solution that has all we need: the system support SSL, needs no fix IP, careless about APN/VPN, works with a mixture of cellular  and other operators and in addition has a ton of other security procedures that passed our strict security tests" 
Ben, IT manager of utility company


"Immediately after we installed RealiteQ components in our distributed system we realized that it is the best solution for real time control over the internet" 
Jochen, operation manager of energy company


"We have found that RealiteQ is the most open service that enables various types and 3rd party expert software to interface with" 
Nill, integration manager of the utility company

Case Study – Pumping station & WWTP American Water New Jersey, USA

This pilot project is being carried out at American Water’s Innovation Department as part of the company’s strategy of constantly improving and increasing the efficiency of the water and waste disposal systems it operates. (...)

Case Study – Supply of drinking water to the city of Carmiel, Israel

In 2013, RealiteQ was asked to provide a monitoring and operating solution for a relatively small corporation, which is only authorized to administer the Carmiel area, dealing primarily with operating and taking responsibility for the drinking water in the city and also taking some responsibility for the sewage stations. (...)

Case Study – Desalination plant, Maagan-Michael, Israel

In 2009, RealiteQ was asked to upgrade and replace the Motorola radio system, which was highly inaccessible to both the operators and the regular service providers. (...)

Case Study – Peleg-Hagalil regional water & sewage corporation, Israel

A monitoring system for the sewage and water stations and water treatment plants of the Peleg-Hagalil regional water and sewage corporation, which is intended to provide a solution for the maintenance personnel for the purposes of the regular operation of the installations and water supply. (...)

Case Study – Water & sewage corporation, Kfar-Saba, Israel

In 2009, RealiteQ was asked to provide a solution for monitoring and operating the sewage and water stations of the Peleg-Hasharon water corporation. (...)

Case Study – Water & Wastewater installations, Jerusalem, Israel

The project was carried out for a rural water authority that extends over huge areas and has great distances between the various sites. (...)

Case Study – Monitoring & Control of drinking water wells, Israel

In the Lev-Hasharon area in central Israel, there are a large number of wells that were intended for pumping groundwater for purposes of drinking and irrigation of orchards and farmlands, which were in use for many years. (...)

Case Study – OEM – Increasing energy efficiency in cooling towers (Worldwide)

Cooling towers are large energy consumers common in many applications around the world. These facilities undergo a drop in energy efficiency over time, and the companies that service the cooling towers face a major challenge to improve energy efficiency (...)

Case Study – Solar energy fed cellular communication base station, Africa

In Cameroon, Africa, the base stations for its cellular network are partially fed by solar energy systems, particularly in areas that are difficult to access. (...)

Case Study – Industrial & agricultural desalination system (Worldwide)

Desalitech is an Israeli company that supplies advanced, energy-efficient seawater desalinization systems. The system was developed by Desalitech in 2008 and is supplied to industrial plants around the world. (...)

Case Study – Remote supervision & control of irrigation machines , Israel

The agricultural company at Kibbutz Mizra in Israel has a large number of linear/pivot irrigation machines, distributed over extensive areas, differing and distant from each other. (...)

Case Study – OEM – Virtual power plants, Germany

The German company TBS is a virtual provider of energy that connects various generators throughout Germany to local power grids on the basis of designated contracts. (...)

Case Study – OEM – international chemical company (Worldwide)

Solenis is an international chemical company with two centers, one in Europe and the other in the United States. The project’s key challenge was to enable full control of a large number of systems located around the world with minimal manpower and maximum uniformity, so that each constituent (product managers, region managers, sales managers and technical personnel) could see and operate their areas of responsibility easily and simply. (...)

Case Study – RealiteQ system interface with GE system, Austria

A local distributor and integrator of GE control systems in Austria was looking for a real-time communications system that would transmit the data of the controllers he provides to Austrian municipal water and sewage authorities. (...)