Case Study – Peleg-Hagalil regional water & sewage corporation, Israel


A monitoring system for the sewage and water stations and water treatment   plants of the Peleg-Hagalil regional water and sewage corporation, which is intended to provide a solution for the maintenance personnel for the purposes of the regular operation of the installations and water supply.

The corporation covers a very wide area with very difficult topography, so that it takes a long time for field technician to get from site to site. Furthermore, the corporation deals with a very large number of stations (about 120 in this area), and has to keep a large fleet of vehicles and personnel for regular operations; the municipality was interested in streamlining the work and the level of handling breakdowns prior to incidents of water shortage or overflows at the various installations. We went to the site at which an initial unit had been installed by another company during a pilot stage.

In 2010, RealiteQ was asked to replace the company that had carried out the pilot and to supply all the stations at which there is control, and, at a later stage, to expand to stations in which a control system has not yet been installed.



Command and control of the water and sewage installations at any site and at any time, at sites with or without electricity; a solution for flowing systems, and monitoring them using solar energy sources at a large number of the water installations; receiving warnings in real time regarding the height  of the sewage station; problems at the stations; the possibility of monitoring breakdowns over a 24-hour period, and a solution by analyzing the stages of the breakdown according to the history of the installation, protecting the equipment.

The first installation -  replacing the system that had been installed by another company in the pilot that was carried out at the site. In fact, this installation served as the pilot for RealiteQ’s system, and, as a result of its success, the pilot has been expanded into an ongoing project.


Project Description:

During the first stage, we added communications units to all the stations at which this was possible without carrying out complicated electrical work and without replacing equipment.

On completing this stage, the corporation decided that each new installation that is set up would be provided with a communications capability as defined in the basic tender. Today, each new station is implemented from the start with a connection to the control center, the establishment of which includes an online control center, which combines graphics capability with the operation of the installations from the field or from the corporation.

Within the framework of the project, we provided the field personnel with iPads with built-in SIM cards, for operating from the field.


Unique Capabilities:

A modular capability to start from a small (but still economic) specific solution and to grow into a system of dozens of installations in totally different fields, by making immediate adaptations according to the corporation’s demands. Working and interfacing with the various products and integrators that performed the work over the years without any special problems; using mobile tools such as iPads, smart phones and computers...

Work capability at sites without electricity, using an easily-installed and inexpensive integral solar system.


Conclusion and Results:

The customer is very satisfied with the results and uses the system at a very high level. We can say, without doubt, that the system has become the most important tool in the corporation for improving regular operations, and, without it, the employees would feel as if their hands were tied behind their backs . Currently, this project, which started as a single pilot, has grown into many dozens of installations. and, in fact, constitutes the customer’s standard for all water and sewage installations in the corporation.