Case Study – Water & sewage corporation, Kfar-Saba, Israel


In 2009, RealiteQ was asked to provide a solution for monitoring and operating the sewage and water stations of the Peleg Hasharon Water Corporation. The system was intended to provide a solution for the maintenance personnel for the purpose of regular operation of the various installations that are spread over the Kfar-Saba region, and to know what is happening at any given time, breakdowns, levels, the current conduct of the stations.



Command and control of the water and sewage installations from any location and at any time in a wide geographic area of the municipal authority and nearby rural settlements.


Project Description:

The project was carried out using various external integrators during the project, which has already continued for a number of years, and which included equipment – a programmed control for the station plus an ICEX –R3.0 unit.

The project was carried out in stages, with the initial stage including 2 installations; it was expanded later, so that, currently, all the stations in the corporation are connected to the RealiteQ system.


Unique Capabilities:

The project was carried out at different stages by various integrators, all of whom are connected to one system, as a result of adaptation to a wide range of uses and equipment. The operating flexibility and the simplicity of the installation enables each integrator to learn about the system and install it, rapidly and without any difficulty.


Conclusion and Results:

The customer is very satisfied, and, after the initial stage in which only two installations were connected to the system, all the corporation’s other water and sewage installations were also connected to the system, which has become the corporation’s standard.