Case Study – Water & Wastewater installations, Jerusalem, Israel


The project was carried out for a rural water authority that extends over huge areas and has great distances between the various sites.

In 2010, RealiteQ was requested to provide a solution for a dynamic control center, which enables control and operation and alerts for water and wastewater systems and for the protection systems in these installations, after previous attempts to carry out the project using different technologies had failed.

The main challenges in the project were: problematic cellular reception levels, which required an integrated solution with a number of suppliers for the same project; the requirement to enable the field personnel to have access to the system from any computer, tablet or mobile phone (including WAP); the need to set up a mobile control center, integrated with the protection systems of the installations – a connection to the security systems!


Project  Description:

In the first stage, a number of medium-sized water treatment plants were connected to the RealiteQ system, and in light of the positive results, we were asked to continue adding communication units at all the important stations.

After completing this stage, the corporation decided that each new installation that it builds will have the communication capabilities according to the basic tender definitions.

Each new station is implemented from the start having a connection to the control center that we set up for them – a web-based control center that integrates graphic capabilities and operation of the installations from the field or from the corporation’s premises. Currently there are over fifty active sites!

As part of the project, we supplied the field personnel with iPads with built-in cards to enable operation from the field.


Unique capabilities:

The RealiteQ system is the only one that is able to provide a solution for connecting different cellular suppliers within the same control center, and that has the ability to integrate the whole system without depending on a static IP address. (The RealiteQ system works with a dynamic IP address).

The modular advantage of being able to start from a solution for a small number of stations, without the need for a large and rigid investment, and then grow to a system with tens of installations in completely different areas, while simultaneously making adjustments according to the corporation’s requirements, all that at a reasonable cost and a short schedule.

The combination of different integrators to perform the work over the years, all of them able to provide the required solution without any special problems, using mobile tools, iPads, smartphones and computers…

The ability to work at sites without electricity, using a solar system in a manner that is simple and very cheap to install.


Summary and Results:

The customer is very pleased with the product and uses the system to its highest extent. The system undoubtedly has become the most important tool in the corporation’s regular operations, and without it they feel as if their hands are tied behind their backs. The corporation itself sees us as partners!

Since then, we have been carrying out additional projects for the same customer, such as irrigation for farmers and remote control of faucets, which are being implemented through 2016.


Currently, after a number of years, the project fills up and irrigates extensive areas and is able to supply and sell large quantities of water, which had not being utilized until then, with minimal operation and maintenance costs, thanks to the capabilities of remotely monitoring and fully controlling all the systems that are dispersed over a large area.